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Chicago DJ/producers duo Fancy Fux is comprised of Gio Sandz and Bibby Bombshell. The two grew up in Logan Square and their background reflect the neighborhood’s Puerto Rican and Cuban heritage. They also had older family members who were heavily involved in the city’s dance music scene. Fancy Fux carry on that tradition at the monthly one-offs they throw in Chicago (the next one happens on August 26) and their sets on the road. “If you go to a Fancy Fux party, it’s probably the only party where you’re going to go from tech house, to some juke shit, to some drill Chicago trap shit,” says Sandz. “People that come to our parties know that we love to get ratchet, but also get very groovy.”  

Here Sandz breaks down three tracks he’s currently excited about playing out.

The Martinez Brothers, “Stuff in the Trunk”

Usually when we throw Fancy Fux parties, we like to make it a statement that’s it’s very, very heavy electronic music, as far as juke and house. The Martinez Brothers’ “Stuff in the Trunk” works out perfectly. It sounds like newer age Chicago juke, with a fast BPM that goes to about 135. We would drop a song like that, since it’s so high energy, at primetime, right at the climax when we’re trying to get all the girls shaking ass on the floor. It’s a song that will get them to do that.

King Louie, “How We Settle That”

We’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of hip-hop shows. We have a track with Katie Go Bandz coming out in about a week or two, it’s a juke remix that we’ve done. We had the chance to do a show with King Louie and Katie Got Bandz in Philadelphia about a year ago, so we linked up with King Louie and have just been huge fans of him. He’s easily our favorite rapper. We rock with him because he is the definition of drill Chicago, straight bars. Whenever we’re in Chicago and we have a show, we play King Louie on some, “We’re going to turn up.” And for the most part people in Chicago know that. It’s dope to play somebody who’s underground to the rest of the world, but Chicago knows it word for word.

DJ Deeon, “Yo Mouf”

That’s one of those songs you know if you grew up in Chicago and you listen to everything from old Chicago house to old ghetto house. DJ Deeon was awesome because he incorporated dope lyrics and recorded his own rhymes over grimey juke beats. And that was fucking epic. That’s what we’re about, combining two genres and making it underground and super gutter in Chicago.