9.1Back Room Vibes
Subtle 808s8.2
Horror Film-esque Synths9.1
Gunshot Samples10
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Let me just dive right in here by saying that “Everybody in the Club Getting Shot” is one of the best song titles of the year, and that despite the macabre premise it suggests, it still manages to be a Certified Club Banger. As far as I’m concerned, this remix by Abra is even better than the original. I like so many things about the Awful Records camp. I like that they always collaborate, I like that they all have a sense of humor, and most of all, I like that they can all rap/produce/sing/write/make visuals, etc. It’s led to them creating a sound and an aesthetic that nobody else gets to define, which is probably why they stand out so much from the current landscape of hip-hop. But before I go too deep, I should take a moment to address that landscape.

It has been a pretty significant week in rap music, all things considered. Kendrick Lamar ruthlessly merc’d a J. Cole beat while simultaneously keeping the rumors that he and Cole are going to release a mixtape stoked. Those rumors are still too unsubstantiated for me to get my hopes up, but if they’re true, it begs the question WHAT WILL THEY NAME THE MIXTAPE? PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR SUGGESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. Otherwise, a Rick Ross album dropped, Lil Wayne did a bunch of freestyles, and Slim Jesus got punked (again) on stage in Canada. Okay I’m pretty sure that covers the marquee headlines.

So this Abra remix. What’s not too like? Glitchy vocal samples, some nice keyboard progressions, 808s, and just kind of a dark sound that gives the track a vibe like it should be playing in one of those secret back room kickbacks that I have to imagine take place at warehouse dungeon raves. Do you guys know what I’m talking about? Like the kind of place where to get in you have to walk through a shipping container, show a guy in a leather trench coat your ID, and then walk through three or four long ass hallways with dilapidated brick walls before you enter the main dance floor that is actually just an abandoned military airplane hanger. Those kinds of places are always chalk full of secret back rooms in which you can host a chill kickback on some dubious-looking furniture. So if you find yourself in that exact situation this weekend, bump this track.