Welcome to Frank Fridays, where every week we let a professional let you know what you should be listening to this weekend and when to listen to it.

DJ Tara is a Brooklyn-born DJ, raised on hip-hop and soul. She still lives in the borough, spinning at Motown on Mondays every week at Bed Vyne Brew and serving as the resident DJ of Makossa Brooklyn Cookout, a summer monthly outdoor party series. Despite her Brooklyn roots, she says her aim is to play music from artists from all over the world and across genres. Her sets are known to bring out all the freaks and lovers.

Here are three tracks she recommends for this weekend:

Krs., “Falling” f. Kes the Band

It’s still a little chilly in NYC, but this song gets me really hype for summer and all of the outdoor parties, particularly Makossa Brooklyn Cookout, which has a classic Brooklyn block party/BBQ vibes with really dope DJs. We pretty much spin everything from hip-hop to soul to salsa, as well as reggae and soca. I’m from Brooklyn and West Indian, so it’s impossible to not have that vibe at the party.

I came across Krs. on SoundCloud last year and have been following his page ever since. “Falling” came up on my feed this week and it is a perfect mash of soca over some bouncy hip-hop, which is great for those people who can’t stand it when West Indian music comes on. The song is way too short, but it’s a perfect segue into or out of a nice set of Caribbean vibes.

Your Old Droog, “42 (Forty Deuce)”

This song proves two things: 1. New York hip-hop is not dead  2. Hip-hop that’s not over a trapped out beat can still get people dancing. A friend gave me the Your Old Droog mixtape project in 2014 and I was an instant fan. His verses are clever and the beats were familiar without sounding dated or stuck in the ’90s. “42 (Forty Deuce)” is his latest single and I love that he came with something you can two step or nod your head to. I play this when the party is heating up and folks are ready to move. It always gets folks on the floor. The video is great as well.

Anik Khan, “Too Late Now”

My girl Spinorita in L.A. put me onto this one. The song is really energetic and the trap breaks in the middle are a pleasant surprise. The song feels exactly like what Anik Khan is singing about: falling hard for someone unexpectedly and your emotions are on 10, feeling all crazy. That’s that springtime shit and is another song that gets me amped for warmer days. Anik Khan is from Queens (by way of Bangladesh) and this song was produced by Jarreau Vandal from the Netherlands. Collaborations like this get me really excited because of the way the internet lets artists connect and fuse their influences and styles to create new sounds.  My Tumblr is called Sound Travels just for this reason. My homegirl on the other side of the country put me onto a dude who lives only a few miles away from me who did a song with another cat who lives an ocean away!

Photo by King Texas