Welcome to Frank Fridays, where every time out we let a professional let you know what you should be listening to this weekend and beyond.

DJ Juanyto out of New York City has been with Hot 97 since the start of the century. In his time with the hip-hop institution he’s interned for Funkmaster Flex, produced segments for Miss Info, teamed with Cipha Sounds, and is now part of the Ebro in the Morning show. He also now serves as the tour DJ for young rapper Bishop Nehru and co-hosts the Feed the Meter podcast with Hip-Hop Mike. Juanyto’s radio commitments mean he doesn’t do as many club gigs as he used to, but you can still catch him at sponsored events and private parties. These are some of the tracks he’s feeling right now.


Young M.A., “OOOUUU”

That’s a given. That’s the heart of Brooklyn. It’s a big record that goes in all directions—from a two-year-old saying “OOOUUU,” to an older man saying it repeatedly, it transcends. [Young M.A. is] a real star, she’s one-of-a-kind. Being gay in hip-hop, that’s very sensitive, but with her it hasn’t been talked about because she’s accepted on both sides. She’s good for the culture.


Bishop Nehru, “One of a Kind”

Bishop was looked as the future of hip-hop. He has thought out, conscious bars, and he’s a kid. But he’s a music fan, he likes what’s out now—he likes the Drakes of the world, he likes A$AP, he likes Wiz. Before “One of a Kind,” he was doing a different kind of music, but this has more of a bounce to it with about 110 BPMs and some 808s. He’s embracing who he is as a young kid. He’s mentally far in advance, he definitely has the Vince Staples mentality. Young kids now don’t care about these bars, they don’t care. They just want to have fun, they want to turn up. Either they grow to have bars and lyrics, or they don’t grow.


No Panty, “Hola”

No Panty is a group from Salaam Remi with Bodega Bamz, Nitty Scott, and Joell Ortiz. One of my favorite producers is Salaam Remi, and knowing his story—he used to work at Hot 97 years ago with Flex—I relate to it so much. The samples being used were creatively put together by Salaam, he’s an ill mastermind of that. Joell is a good friend of mine—he’s a bar spitter who could demolish any rapper any day. Nitty Scott is a gorgeous MC killer. She’s an MC killer first, but being gorgeous is that x factor on top of that. Bodega Bamz is a Spanish Harlem native that really gives you the raw of what Spanish Harlem is and is definitely a New York representer.


Partynextdoor, “Not Nice”

He’s ill. He’s a dope writer with the Rihanna stuff and a lot of Drake stuff, of course. He’s been around for a while to me, but to everyone else he might be something new. “Not Nice” is a record that you can vibe to, you can dance to. Musically he’s dope, his hooks are amazing, so I’m not going to deny someone that’s great. If it’s early at the club or at brunch I’ll play it. If I’m driving in the car, or if I’m running, or if I’m playing for a nice sexy crowd of girls, that’s it. As much as I love performing at a concert, give me a nice couple of girls in front of me and let’s go!