Welcome to Frank Fridays, where every time out we let a professional let you know what you should be listening to this weekend and beyond. This week’s picks are courtesy of DC artist Beau Young Prince, who decided to use this space to put on some underground, ahead-of-the-curve artists from his hometown. We’ll let Beau further introduce himself:

When you guys first posted my single “Half & Half Tea” for your Friday feature, I was beyond hyped. Frank151 has always been a dope outlet for culture. So firstly, it’s a very dope honor to be featured as a part of Frank Fridays where I can share some new music I have been listening to, and also shed light on my latest project.

Being an artist from Washington, DC I feel that the world at large knows very little about the underground DC hip-hop scene, along with its forward thinking, progressive music. We have a few artists in the mainstream spotlight coming from out the city, but there is a large underground countercultural movement occurring. Among these people are my crew, formerly known as Dope Collective, but now recognized as 3118Sound. We pioneered a lot of the shows, events, styles, and movements that the younger kids in DC now use to move in the DC atmosphere. There are others in the city. like Franky Murdock, Jordan Clark aka Coffee Black, Mista Selecta, Kelow Latesha, M.I.L.F, Juice 40k, Crue, Misfit Marti, Sir. EU, Ayes Cold, and many others who are constantly working to put the real DC on. My goal with this Frank Friday post is to highlight my city and myself in order to paint a better picture of the different vibes one can find in DC.

Beau Young Prince, “Half & Half Tea in the Uber” (Uber Everywhere RMX)

I’ve wanted to drop this record for a while. I love the beat to this record! I feel like it has that bounce rhythm to it that a DC Go-Go song has. Every time I hear the record I just get up and do my lil’ dance, so I figured I would have my producer Yalamusiq flip it and put our own spin on it. Our remix involves a lot more melody and creates a complete song out of what I think was a wonderful concept. Also I have been performing this song in different cities, and whenever I drop this remix people go crazy because the vibe and way I perform it is too lit! I usually don’t hop on mainstream instrumentals, however, “Uber Everywhere” had production I could not pass. So bouncy, so fun. Visual to accompany this record coming soon.

Lord Francis, “20 Year Olds”

I have to post about Lord Francis, formerly known as Franky Murdock! We started our collective, 3118 Sound, years ago, but now we are at the point where people are starting to recognize us as one of the pioneering groups in DC. After Frank and I received over 700k plays on our collaborative visual for “About You,” which set off a wave of rap over future bass production, people started to notice our collective and sound. Frank is different from Beau Young Prince. While we both come from the same side of DC and are in the same crew, Frank has a vibe and brand of dark R&B that explores love in ways we have never heard before. If you love PND or that new wave R&B, listen to Lord Francis. This track “20 Year Olds” is the first off his upcoming project, and it is a deep anthem for the youth of today. Watch out for ‘Underlord’ dropping soon.

Juice 40k featuring Phlegm, “Pills Liqure and Codeine” (produced by KURTISBASED)

Juice 40k is relatively new to the DC hip-hop scene, but he came out swinging with a project that explored a trippy world of drugs, life in DC, and self revelations. This track features Phlegm of the M.I.L.F collective, which is a prime example of why the new DC is constantly budding. We need more collaboration. We are at a phase where the real underground is starting to unite and create different vibes, bringing together all the real local rap crews. Juice’s flow on this one is slick, while Phlegm’s deep voice speaks on his vices, virtues, and run-ins with the lifestyle.

Crue, Intuitive Music EP

This project is so impressive! It combines piano, violin, and amazing vocals, all produced by one young woman! I will let Crue tell you in her own words: “A temperamental change in plans a few days before July led me to abandon a project I’d been tediously working on all spring/summer, which led to a breakdown, a few tears shed, and transcendence birthing the creation of these four songs—raw and in the moment. Days after this project’s creation I visited New Orleans, where I saw a lot of imagery that uncannily, bluntly evoked the spirit of the songs I’d created. A nudge from the universe to follow my intuition and release them. I captured some of those images along with some journal entries, and you can view them here.”

Ctrl featuring Marti, “Blossom”

Marti is a wonderful local artist whose many talents range from music to modeling. This collaboration she just released has amazing vibes. CKtrl continues to expand his vision with a new project called INDi, and Marti loans her vocals for this fragrant cut from the project, titled “Blossom.”