100%Chance of Additional Shitstorms

Would you guys believe it if I told you that Macklemore dropped White Privilege II just eight days ago? I’m sitting here, looking at the timestamp on the Hypetrak article about the song, and I don’t believe it either. But it’s true. So much has happened in the last week that the track, the latest in a slew of attempts by the Seattle rapper to prove he’s sorry about the fact that his career owes most if not all of its existence to his straight white male marketability, seems months removed from the present tense.

In addition to White Privelige II, the past week also gave us thinkpieces about White Privilege II, a Rihanna Album that had me doing that weird open-palmed hand gesture where you move your hand side to side and shrug a little bit, plus a kinda cool, alt-rock-y Tory Lanez joint, an electro-as-fuck Flume track that Vince Staples spits on, and some cool new stuff from Father and Rich the Kid, respectively. The LA battle rap scene and hip-hop in general also tragically lost Cadalack Ron, a man who had more personality and flavor in his grill alone than most hip-hop cliques have between all 14 of their members. Then, as conspicuous as an open sore but somehow less pleasant to think about, the great Wiz Khalifa Kanye West beef of 2016. There’s really nothing I can say about it that hasn’t already been said; Wiz was out of pocket for calling Kanye out, and Kanye was on some misogynistic, petty bullshit with his tweets about Amber Rose and about Wiz and Amber’s kid. Both artists’ looming albums will probably see boosted sales as a result, and this whole incident makes what went down between Meek and Drake last year look like an episode of The fucking Wire by comparison (which is to say, hard af and deserving of the public’s attention).

I’m gonna chill on both of them for a minute. Hopefully Waves is a good record but it’s gonna be like June before I can listen to it without instinctively rolling my eyes, and I say that as someone who defended Kanye West after Taylor Swift and after the Sway in the Morning interview. *SIGHS AUDIBLY*

On a lighter note, 2 Chainz put out arguably the greatest music video of all time this week, surpassing both Drake’s meme-loaded “Energy” and Kendick Lamar’s poignant “Alright” from last year with the simple use of bighead-style video editing. Shoutout to Tity Boi for keeping it about the music.

Your FRANK pick of the week is Denzel Curry’s “Flying Nimbus,” obviously. It’s a great song, there’s a tight visual to go along with it, and it seems like the ideal cut to soundtrack some serious early morning bad decision making this weekend. Let’s get it, if that’s something you’re are still allowed to say in 2016.

Artwork by KingCaz