After months of releasing mostly male-centric editions, we’re taking the testosterone way down to focus on one of life’s most puzzling enigmas— Girls. Chapter 59 recent release features some of our favorite female personalities, all of whom we believe embody the idea of ‘modern feminism’— in other words, women who do exactly what they want, how they want, and make no excuses for it.

But why stop at the book? We want to continue the celebration of dope women making an impact, so we’re introducing you a new segment: Femme of the Month, where we’ll be highlighting women who deserve the spotlight.

Evelina Kazaryan is a talented artist with a varied eye. Her work stretches across all artist platforms, a talent that started with oil paint but soon transformed into watercolor. It’s unclear which medium we prefer, but what really caught our eye was Evelina’s study of the woman’s frame, especially the back of her head. Near unbelievable, each strand of hair perfectly sits next to the rest, it’s hard to believe we’re looking at a still, let alone a drawing. We sat with the young artist and asked her a couple questions about her current work and future plans.

Is watercolor the primary medium you now work with? How did you start working with watercolor?
I used to only paint with oil, but I took a “watercolor techniques” class about two years ago and fell in love with watercolor. I love to work with graphite and oil, but watercolor is definitely my most favorite right now.

You seem to work in a lot of muted and earth color palettes. What is your creative process when it comes to using color?
I love bright and crazy color schemes, but I get bored of them after a few minutes. So, I like to keep my palette muted and neutral. I’m just naturally drawn to those tones.

You like to focus primarily on fashion illustrations; what about modern fashion inspires you?
I really admire the conceptual side of fashion. I love this idea of fashion consuming our day-to-day lives, even when we don’t realize it does. It’s more than just pretty dresses and being fabulous, it’s an expression of ideas.

There are some recognizable designers in your work such as Comme De Garcon, Givenchy, and even Rick Owens possibly—are there any particular designers that you always gravitate towards to illustrate?
I’ve been gravitating towards Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto for inspiration lately. I think I just admire and connect more with each of their design philosophies.

Are there any particular fashion illustrators that have influenced your work or who you look to for inspiration?
I love Mats Gustafson’s work. His watercolor illustrations are so beautiful.

Tell us a bit about the pencil drawings of the back of the girls’ heads—they’re so beautiful!
Thank you! These actually started as an assignment for Nancy Riegelman’s Fashion Drawing class I was taking. We had to do meticulously rendered drawings of hair. I had done a few and loved them so much I decided to do a mini series. I’m actually considering doing more!

Finally, any plans after graduation? 
I can start taking over the world! (Just kidding—lol) Thinking of my life post-grad makes me nervous, but I’m hoping I’ll be super busy!

To follow Evelina and her adventures check her out on Tumblr and Instagram.