Bill Simmons from HBO and ESPN’s Grantland recently interviewed the President of the United States for GQ magazine. The two discussed little about politics and more about Obama’s lifestyle; his day-to-day, his passions, his love for Derrick Rose and basketball, and what it’s like having two teenage daughters in the White House. If you struggle to understand politics, or start to fall asleep when you start reading anything about the latest action in Congress, this interview is a helpful read. It touches upon the Barack Obama who first was elected in 2008, some of the difficult decisions the President has taken on in the last almost eight years, and what it’s like being the 44th President in the home stretch of his presidential career.

As if we didn’t know much about the president’s charm before, this interview really solidifies that he’s a humbled alpha-male. Now, in 2015, Obama knows what its like to be a father, a husband, a president, and a sports fan, and we’re confident that if you share any of these qualities, you’ll earn a bit from the interview. Read it now at

And if you don’t feel like reading, here are some basic notes from the interview:

• He compares himself to Aaron Rodgers

• He compares himself to Peter Dinklage’s character, Tyrion Lannister, in Game of Thrones

• He hasn’t smoked a cigarette since health care was passed, which was five years ago

• He tells his secret service to keep an eye on any boy who tries to take his eldest daughter, Malia, on a date

• He has brought down unemployment by 50%

• The worst couple days in his presidency was the day of and days after the Sandy Hook Massacre

• Out of all sports, he knows Basketball the best

• His favorite team is The Bulls

• The one perk of being president that he’ll miss the most is the Marine One—it’s not everyday you have a helicopter waiting for you whenever you need it

• He confirms that behind every great man is a woman

• The one thing he’d go back and tell running candidate Barak Obama in 2008 is “You’ll be very busy”