Dust La Rock, the late Art Director of the record label Fool’s Gold, cites Genesis Breyer P-Orridge as an important influence in his work. Credited as the founder of industrial music (Psychic TV), Genesis is “a true legend of the Anglo-American underground, an avant-garde anti-hero whose remarkable body of work reminds us that what is dangerous and what is important are never far apart and that, when you believe something, artistic integrity demands that you live by it too.” She is also a songwriter, a singer, and a prolifiic artist. The former front of Throbbing Gristle sat down with one of her greatest admirers as part of Chapter 44: Fool’s Gold.

In this interview with Dust La Rock and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, we find out the origins of the psychic cross and Dust talks doing graphic design for one of his heroes.. Plus, Genesis tells the origin story of Psychic TV.