We’re going to stop writing stories about “Trap Queen” very soon, we promise. But first, there’s something you really need to see. Thanks to the video genies at Vulture, you can bask in the glory that is beloved Nickelodeon character Doug rapping Fetty Wap’s summer anthem “Trap Queen.” The Quailman has been a target for crudely-dubbed YouTube videos for a long time now, but this is something different.

By the time you see Doug croon “1738” you pretty much know this video is going to be solid—full of literal interpretations of Fetty’s lyrics, like Doug and Patti Mayonnaise flying in a plane when the line “and I get high with my baby” plays. They also hang out in Doug’s kitchen. Join us in a moment of appreciation for whoever did the painstaking work of combing through old Doug videos to make the animated mouth movements line up with the lyrics so perfectly.

[h/t: Vulture]