Cyril Palmer has emerged as one of our favorite young skaterboarders in Los Angeles as he kills it with one gold tooth and an Instagram account filled with videos of him getting it to tracks by folks like Famous Dex and Swaghollywood. And we aren’t the only ones noticing. His IG videos rack up thousands of views with kids in the comments trying to figure out what pants he’s wearing. “I just skated the way I wanted to and didn’t give a fuck about what other people thought,” says Palmer. “I guess my style of skating got popular or whatever, and now that people think this shit is cool, it’s become kind of trendy, but I’m just being me.”

Palmer currently skates for companies including Utmost, Huf, and, Snobs Hardware, each drawn to the ’90s-indebted niche he’s found for himself in the modern skating world. If the movie Juice had a skate team, Palmer would definitely be on that roster. “Skating is about 50% skating and 50% percent style. No one wants to watch some wack dude skate,” he says. “I just want to feed off of someone who is like me, and I get that influence from a lot of things in the ’90s, whether it’s no complies or baggy clothing.”

But even if Palmer’s fits and skate style are more throwback, his preferred music comes from this current decade. “I love dancing and I love artists like Black Kray and Lil Yatchy, so bringing those tracks into the clips I release adds to the vibe of my skating,” he says. “Also, you gotta be able to dance if you want to skate, the two go hand in hand.”