What do Pusha T, Playboy, and the most respected car clubs in the world all have in common? A group of close friends turned business partners known as Chain Gang L.A.

Tul Jutargate, Tommy D., and Ed Hernandez founded Chain Gang L.A. over seven years ago on the Eastside of the city. Together the crew channeled their passion for the ancient art of chain stitching into making custom car club jackets. As the demand for their services grew, so did their team, with the addition of Fernando Diaz, Chiharu Jutargate, and Kyle Flores.

While the world is familiar with seeing chain stitch embroidery in more traditional settings like varsity jackets, Chain Gang L.A. has brought the intricate art form to high fashion and streetwear platforms. There’s no digitizing or computerization involved in their creative process. All designs are brought to life by hand on machines that date back to the 1800s. The old school method allows each member to give extreme attention to detail and guaranteed personalization.

Today, Chain Gang L.A.‘s client list includes Adidas, Levis, Pharrell, Top Shop, Miley Cyrus, and many more. And these masters of stitch have done all this without a website or even a business card to hand out. But the truth is that Chain Gang L.A.’s talent speaks for itself.

Working with idols and big name brands is always cool, but the crew is especially excited about launching their own collection this August. They see the Chain Gang L.A. line as an opportunity to share their passion with those who have encouraged and supported them over the years.