Words and Photos by: Boogie

For Chapter 50 of the Frank151 book in 2013, we looked at Brazil, its culture, its history, and its political realities. Now with the whole world watching the country during the 2016 Summer Olympics, we revisit some of the defining articles.

São Paulo is intense. You have to watch your back all the time, so if you walk around for two hours, it feels like six, ’cause you have to be on all the time. You have to look like you know where you’re going at all times, and pulling your map out in the middle of the street is never an option. You become a target right away.

Having a camera around your neck is bad enough. I felt the safest in the favelas. The guy who took me there was a former special-police officer (SWAT team equivalent) who knew the main guys inside. I spent a total of seven days in São Paulo, shooting like a madman 15 hours a day. I love Brazil, it’s very black and white in a way, the good things are amazing, and bad things are really, really bad.