Holy Week In Philippines: Penitensya

In 1985 I was growing up in Angeles City, in the district of Pampanga, Philippines. One of my first memories was the Penitensya that took place in my neighborhood during Holy Week, which begins every year in April, around the same time I am writing this.
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The Most Beautiful Country in the World

When you talk to the girls here, they’ve found such peace by stepping away from the rat race. It puts things into perspective. It’s coming to terms with who you are by spending lots of time by yourself. The Philippines can do that for you.

Some chickens are bred to be killers

Every Sunday, and often days in between, entire villages gather to watch these animal athletes compete to the death in arenas of blood and sand.
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Hoop Dreams in the Philippines

One thing you probably have not heard about the Philippines is that its citizens nurse the world’s most flagrant “Basketball Jones.”