In some ways, Donald Trump represents a new low in American politics. In the age of Twitter, we have now transitioned into allowing a capitalist tycoon and savior of white privilege to enhance his own reputation on one of the biggest platforms in the world. A man of very few coherent statements and policies now has a full grasp on the power of twitter. Trump has a habit of rambling about groups of people, which generally turns into finger pointing.

Pointing the finger back at Trump has revealed the leaps and bounds he’s made by identifying with the insecurities of Americans. Donald Trump is appealing to the lowest common denominator; where on some level, his aim is to rope in people who know nothing about politics and share his xenophobic, racist views. His repetitive use of ‘Us vs. Them’ and grouping the American people as a ‘We’ has resonated with onlookers who lose sleep over the country’s changing demographics and increasingly tolerant attitudes. We are witnessing what is, to some, a convincing impression of old-school populism. Trump specializes in attacking individuals on a personal level, such as accusing a laid-back Jeb Bush of not having the energy to keep up with him instead on focusing on their differences in policy.

Should NBC’s Saturday Night Live really be giving Trump the opportunity to connect with the American people by making light of the fact that he is a sexist and a racist? At least he is sticking to a solid 10% on taxing my ass. Trump and the Republican party’s inflammatory and misleading rhetoric against Planned Parenthood, for instance, have directly contributed towards shootings that are politically motivated such as the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting where three people were killed.

As I revisit statements, quotes, and speeches that Trump has given, its pretty bizarre that he has re-invented the way a presidential candidate can address the American people and still be perceived as a forward-thinking leader. Here are some of the most perplexing things Donald Trump has said:

“I have far too much money, I don’t need anybodies money, Im not running with anybodies money, Im spending my own money…I’ve made a lot of money, I don’t need money to run, these guys are desperate for money, I don’t need it.”
-CNN interview with Anderson Cooper

Donald Trump speaking photo by Gage Skidmore

“Politicians will never make this country great again”
-CNN interview with Anderson Cooper

“I would bomb the hell out of the those oil fields, I wouldn’t send many troops because you won’t need them by the time I’m finished”
-CNN interview with Anderson Cooper

“I would love to be a well educated black man”