From Hanover, Jamaica comes one of the island’s most sweet and soulful voices. Jah Cure has long captivated fans with his unique brand of lover’s rock and rootsy crooning. The 36-year-old artist was born Siccature Alcock and bestowed the stage name Jah Cure by none other than Capleton, the roots reggae legend. Capleton also introduced him to the teachings of Rastafari and along with Beres Hammond helped launch his career. It has been a long and turbulent journey for Jah Cure, who is now widely considered one of Jamaica’s greatest singers.

From his first single, “King In This Jungle” that was produced by Beres Hammond and features guest vocals by Sizzla, to last week’s highly anticipated release of The Cure, his discography is particularly noteworthy. He has seven official albums under his belt and the Associated Press deemed the most recent a “certified classic.” The album includes his signature vocals and is co-produced by Jah Cure himself offering a different take on the sound that many of his fans have grown accustomed to. Traditional reggae and lover’s rock is blended with pop, rock, and R&B making his music feel evolved yet approachable.

Songs like “Life We Live” are a rare nod to his foray in dancehall and his cover of John Legend’s “All Of Me” is a beautiful take on the chart-topping hit that will likely appeal to reggae fans worldwide. His voice is so soulful and mesmerizing that he does justice to the original in ways that most other artists could only fantasize about. Other songs like “Show Love” and “Other Half of Me” are a more traditional take on lover’s rock which are consistent with the style of music that has made him a household name with fans globally.

Made In California,” a rootsy ode to ganja is the album’s single and the first track from the project to be treated to visuals. The music video was filmed in both Southern California and Jamaica and was directed by Gareth “The Truth” Cobran. Between palm trees, beach imagery and a couple enjoying a summer day in California the video makes the song a strong contender for one of reggae’s top summer anthems. It is mellow, easy listening and sure to get airtime well beyond Cali as couples spend their days in the salt and the sun.

The Cure is thirteen tracks of soul, romance, reggae, and lover’s rock that seem to be written with a global audience in mind. The AP adds, “With his beguiling vocals and soulful conviction, Jah Cure effortlessly blends street poetry and sufferer’s tales with beautiful love ballads,” and the result is yet another classic from an artist who regularly raises the bar of what reggae music can and should be. His latest effort is but another confirmation that few artists can convey emotion with the power and elegance that Jah Cure can.

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