From the perspective of most outsiders, Bun B is a pretty intimidating dude. One half of legendary rap duo UGK (RIP Pimp C), originator of the “trill” movement, yearly Gumball 3000 participant, and owner of more exclusive sneakers than you’ll probably ever see in your lifetime, it’s easy to see how some might be afraid to approach him. That said, those of us who personally know Bun know that he’s one of the nicest, chillest, most down-to-earth heads you could ever meet. An avid footwear and clothing collector, he and Nick Tershay became friends about four years ago at a sneaker summit event in his hometown of Houston, Texas. These days when he isn’t constantly traveling for appearances and events, Bun’s been putting a lot of focus on one of his other biggest passions: food. Posted in a different restaurant each night, you can track his foodie musings via his Instagram or through his latest creative/culinary endeavor— And since he’s the epitome of someone living the Diamond Life, it was only right that we had him submit his top five Diamond Life restaurant picks. From the best spot to get fatty toro at 3 a.m. to a bar where you’re likely to spot Miuccia Prada in Venice, he’s got you covered. Bon appétit, bitches!


Hakkasan, London

I’ve had the chance to go to Hakkasan in New York, Miami, and Las Vegas—but none of them top the experience at Hakkasan London, which if I’m not mistaken is the original. They have the biggest and best menu, and as far as favorite dishes go, it’s a no brainer: crispy duck salad.

Blue Ribbon Bun B


Blue Ribbon, New York

Well there’s a lot of good places to eat proper sushi in New York, but there’s not a lot of places to eat proper sushi at 3 a.m., and that’s where Blue Ribbon on Sullivan comes in. Most of the Blue Ribbon locations stay open late—that one stays open the latest—and there’s nothing more refreshing than walking out of a club pissy drunk and then going somewhere and ordering fatty toro.


Matsuhisa, Los Angeles

Most people tend to go to the Nobu’s—I like Matsuhisa. It’s a smaller-style restaurant of the chain, but it still has a very expensive menu. I was first taken to this place by Travis Barker and Skinhead Rob, and I cant think of a better place to eat in LA—there’s always somebody there to see. Favorite dish-wise: the bento box dessert. It’s basically just their homemade ice cream with Nobu’s version of a molten chocolate cake, and you can’t beat it.

Harrys Bar Bun B
Harry’s Bar, Venice

There’s a Cipriani called Harry’s Bar from the canal, off Venice. I actually ate there during Gumball 3000, 2011. We were invited to dinner by Maia Norman (Damien Hirst’s ex-wife) and first of all the location was amazing, right on the canal. I actually met Miuccia Prada while I was there. And the go-to dish there was squid linguine with squid ink sauce.

Uchi Houston Bun B

Uchi, Houston

Uchi is a Japanese fusion restaurant—I can’t begin to explain how refined this food is, how much time and effort they put into changing up the menu, and always having fresh options for people to eat. The service is immaculate, the setting is perfect, and the food is exquisite. For Uchi I would definitely recommend people go omakase.