Foulplay’s new 2016 spring and summer collection isn’t just a fresh drop of T-shirts, pants hoodies. This time out, the Los Angeles-based line takes inspiration from the city’s social justice movements of the 1960s and 70s. It was during that era that disenfranchised students in East LA organized the pro-Chicano movement know as Young Citizen For Community Action to take on the issues they faced within their community and schools. “This group spoke out against racial inequality that was taking place in their classrooms and neighborhoods,” says Foulplay’s founder Adam Ariagga. “Later on they adopted the name the brown berets. Their purpose was to fight minority education issues, police harassment, lack of political representation, lack of job opportunities, poor health care, and the Vietnam War.”

Ariagga’s decision to reference this period of action and protest makes sense, considering how contemporary many of these problems unfortunately still sound. (He also choose the collection’s main accent color as the infamous “Dodgers Blue” to further evoke the local LA roots.) There’s a clear moral implication in Foulplay’s decision to bring an older ideology to a new generation, which puts them way ahead of the curve when it comes to conceptualizing something that’s more than just streetwear.