On the June 23, 2016, 51.9% of the voters in the United Kingdom historically decided to leave their place in the European Union through the so-called Brexit referendum. The results have had immediate economic consequences with markets like the Dow Jones Industrial falling 3% and the Pound trading at a 30 year low. The reverberations are expected to be felt locally and internationally for years. This is our series of interviews with UK residents about what happened.

Alxndr London

How did you expect the vote to go?

Mate, I stopped taking London for granted a long time ago. When I compare how the majority of London voted versus the rest of the UK, I’m reminded of how fortunate I am. Apathy is rife. Ignorance is bliss. Fear shags all that it lays its eyes upon—no rubber mind you. I was not surprised. This result was a mistake but no accident.

How did you react when the result was announced?

I inhaled. Then exhaled. I shook my head. Then repeated steps one to three. The time on the TV was 06:44. The date was Friday 24th of June.

What are people in your social circles and immediately around you saying about it?

There is frustration. This is the first time I’ve felt London truly at one. I generally keep like minded people around me, and to my knowledge, no one in my circles would/did vote to leave the EU, but these are darks days we live in *ominous violins quietly creep in*.

Round of applause to the online massive. Mmm. I wish retweets and likes counted towards votes. Unfortunately, they don’t. No shade.

What do you think is likely to happen next?

Nothing good. I feel like someone’s just touched my bum without permission. Proper Class A violation vibes. It’s not cool and I don’t like it.

What does the Brexit mean to you as a creative, as well as a minority?

Maybe it’s song fodder. Maybe it’s what some of the creative sorts need to mobilize. Maybe for some this is a call to action. I think it’s a warning. Winter’s coming.

As my favourite Uncle Sam once sang, “It’s been a long time coming, but I know-oh-oo-oh, a change gon’ come.” Inevitably always apt. Absolute banger of a tune, too.