So often in the world it’s cool to be nonchalant and blasé about everything; and We wanted to show everyone that the only way anything great ever happens is through passion. So, through our own passion for art, camaraderie and being on the street, we went with the tooth with the drop of blood that represent us. We all looked up to all these legends in the game. Whatever the masses have to say about the lifestyle we live in; whether it may be street art, photography, design, graffiti, skateboarding… with as a whole, we will stick to what we believe and what influenced us in the first place because they were passionate enough about what they did to be great at it. Bloody Gums was a way we could mirror that energy. “I just wanted to spend more time with people that were as involved in their art as I was. To inspire me. To inspire them.” – Bloody Gums founder.