“I’m down for the internet,” Kreayshawn says on the other end of the phone line from her Los Angeles home. It’s not hard to see why she’s so down: it’s been over two years since she became a viral YouTube sensation thanks to a little song called “Gucci Gucci,” which landed her a recording contract with Columbia Records. While the Bay Area native has been keeping her shit more below the radar lately, Kreay has still been keeping busy.

The controversial former founder of White Girl Mob released a full-length album, Somethin Bout Kreay, last year, went on a 28-city North American tour, made feature appearances on tracks by Roach Gigz, Bobby Brackins, 2 Chainz and Insane Clown Posse, and got pregnant. Now just about one month away from her due date, Kreayshawn is still putting in work: she has new features in the works with Yung Lean and Bukkweat Bill, and has a new ~kawaii~ jewelry line coming out soon.

In May, the soon-to-be Mama Kreay penned a pseudo-PSA on her Tumblr about the downsides of being pregnant. She cited the stress, the back and foot pain, and the tragedy of having to “pack away all your slutty crop tops and high-waisted shorts.” However, when I chatted with her she seemed to be in much higher spirits—in other words, more “posi.” Kreayshawn is not slowing down anytime soon and for her, motherhood is just the next chapter.

Kreay tells us what’s been good in this exclusive interview—the only one she’s done since becoming pregnant.

What have you been up to? I hear you have a jewelry line coming out.
Yeah, it’s based off emojis. It’s a collab I did with this company called OK1984. Basically, it’s just really simple jewelry. I like simple jewelry, you like simple jewelry. I usually only wear one basic necklace that I keep on for months, or just add a little charm onto it or change it out, so that’s basically what it is. It’s like different types of faces, weed faces with weed eyes or kitty faces, monster faces, whatever. It’s just a real simple collab.

I wanna do more stuff, but not branded with my name Kreayshawn. Just stuff that I design that’s under a different name. I wanna do a lot of chokers and crazy bracelets and stuff like that. I don’t see myself as a fashion inspiration or anything like that… people say “Oh Kreayshawn you’re such a trendsetter,”—no, I’m not. I just wear whatever. I’m not a big fashion person, I just have a creative eye and I like to match that up with other things. Whether that’s jewelry or clothes or making videos or DJing, all different types of shit.


If you were given the opportunity to do an apparel line, would you do it?
Yeah, I would definitely do it, but I think someone who actually has a background in fashion who wants to be a stylist, or actually wants to make clothing, they should do it. I don’t really know shit about fashion, even though people say I’m fashionable and all this shit. I just get lucky, I guess. I don’t know what I’m doing. I went to this radio thing and I was wearing a Yo Gabba Gabba blanket ‘cause I was being weird, and they go “Kreayshawn wearing a Yo Gabba Gabba fashion statement with this sweet blanket…” and I was like what the hell. I did not wear that to make any statement. I was just being weird and brought a blanket to something I shouldn’t have brought a blanket to.

You’re very active on Twitter… do you like it as a way to communicate with fans? I know it has the potential to backfire. People can be really harsh.
Yeah. People are so harsh. I’ve definitely experienced the worst of the worst as far as internet bullying and stuff like that. But I have a pretty thick skin for it. Especially by now. It’s those crazy fans… those fans who don’t have pictures of themselves who feel like they can say anything, those are the people who you gotta watch out for. I just tweet ‘cause whatever, that’s what everyone does, it’s fun.

It’s recently become such a tangible community. The realm is real.
[Laughs] Yeah, shout out to Chippy Nonstop, the realm is real. I used the internet when I was young. I was like, 10 when the internet was first being used by a lot of people, with MSN Messenger and stuff… it’s nothing like it used to be. The internet has definitely changed from “let’s all be friends!” to “let’s all form opinions and gang together.”

Do you think shit has changed even since “Gucci Gucci”?
Yeah, definitely. Technology is getting cheaper and more available, it used to be hard to find someone who had a Canon 7D to shoot your videos, now people are just buying cameras on their own and shooting videos. It’s definitely changed. People have more of a way to express themselves. More people can participate in the internet.

Some of the harshest people on the internet are YouTube commenters. Was that hard being a YouTube celebrity and dealing with that?
In the beginning you want to read every comment, and you wanna be like, “What? That’s not true! No… I’m not stupid! I’m actually smart! I went to film school, shut up!” After a while, if you go look at those people and their activity—I’m a lurker—if you go to a hater’s page, they’re literally tweeting at every single celebrity, “Die, fuck you, I hate you,” so this person’s just weird.


Do you still do KJ Dreayshawn sets?
Yeah, I put out a new mix every two months at least. That’s just fun to do because I love listening to crazy obscure music and finding shit on Soundcloud and shit like that. I’ve been offered to DJ a couple things since I’ve been pregnant, but I don’t even think I could stand for over an hour without getting very uncomfortable.

I was gonna DJ this place in Japan. I was like five months [pregnant] and I was still hella down, but I was like “Wait, is the venue smoking or non-smoking?” They were like, “No. It’s Japan. They will be smoking inside the club.” I was like, “Awww, I cant do it then.”

How’s it been not smoking weed?
It wasn’t really hard to quit. I found out really early then I was like “Oh my god, this is it, this is the last time I’m ever smoking,” and I haven’t smoked since… but I quit smoking cigarettes last year. That’s hard cause you’re actually really addicted to it., but weed is different ‘cause you’re not physically addicted to it. So it was really easy to quit smoking weed. But you can’t smoke weed while breastfeeding either, so that’s a whole six months of not smoking weed either.

I just tweeted a second ago, “What is a blunt? I don’t even know what a blunt is anymore.” I haven’t even seen one in so long… now they got all these hookah pens, vape pens… those weren’t even out when I was smoking. All this shit that’s come out while I’ve been pregnant… what is this technological stuff? Everything’s advancing.

Also, it’s easy to quit when you have a good reason.
Yeah. When I was younger and I was on probation, I like used that juice that makes your pee not have weed in it… but you can’t really do that with this. You really have to be good.

Does that shit even work?
Yeah, it did for me. I drank hella water then I drank the detox juice and I passed it. ‘Cause for probation they watch you pee. You can’t fake it. They stand in the bathroom with you. They don’t face you but—

You can’t pull out a bag of pee.
No, they’d hear it. Like, “What is that noise?”

But this isn’t probation. You’re just being a good mom.
Yeah, mom probation.

This is such a job interview question, but where do you see yourself in five years?
I have no idea. Every year is always a drastic change. I can’t really say. People always say “Are you gonna quit making music?” How do you quit making music if that’s what you like doing? If you’re a painter, you’re not just gonna quit painting. You might quit painting for a second but you’re always a painter. You have the brushes. You have the paint. I’m always gonna be making music.

Since I wasn’t working on anything for me personally, that’s why I wanted to do as many features as possible in the meantime. I still wanna have that. I still wanna listen to my own music and make shit with my friends, and make some cool songs with people who I like their music and stuff like that. You don’t know what happens after you have a baby though. It’s so weird. People are like “What kind of mom are you gonna be?” And I’m like “I don’t know… I’ll be chill, I guess?”


Well, it seems like you have a lot of stuff to look forward to.
I’m just gonna do everything at my own pace. It’s not gonna be like, popular celebrity Rihanna shit… that’s not ever what I really wanted for myself.

Now I get to do shit at my own pace. I get to do projects that really mean stuff to me.
You’ll go insane doing too much or doing shit you don’t really wanna do. It just wears on you. Then you’re like “I hate music, I don’t wanna do music.” Then you realize it wasn’t the music—it was just the way you were doing it that was driving you crazy.

Photos by Pretty Puke