Robert Gordon

Legalize It marijuana field

Legalize It & Reggae Music Will Advertise It

Doctors smoke it, nurses smoke it, judges smoke it, even the lawyer too. From Bob Marley posters on the walls of college dorm rooms to rootsy reggae riddims pulsating out of speakers in marijuana dispensaries in the western United States, reggae musi...

Virgin Islands Nice: From The U.S.V.I. to SXSW

We had an opportunity to talk with Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred, the founder of I-Grade Records, and artist Pressure Busspipe over the phone, and they shared their thoughts on growing up in the Virgin Islands.

Agent Sasco Talks “The Theory of Reggaetivity”

If you listened closely, a chorus of thick patois could be heard booming out during the live rendition of the hit song, "The Blacker The Berry." The voice belongs to dancehall sensation Assassin a.k.a. Agent Sasco.

A Warning To Cuba With Love

Cuba's future could not be more uncertain; there seems to be a growing feeling that the country is on the brink of something transformative.