Person of Interest: Jeron Wilson (POWERED BY G-SHOCK)

For this segment of Person of Interest (POWERED BY G-SHOCK) we talk with Jeron Wilson; professional skater and partner of Diamond Supply Co. Jeron started his profession career in skating nearly three decades ago in the San Fernando Valley area of Lo...

Person of Interest: Sean Wotherspoon (POWERED BY G-SHOCK)

For this segment of Person of Interest (powered by G-SHOCK) we sit down with Sean Wotherspoon, Owner and Co-Founder of Round Two.  Sean started the specialized vintage clothing/sneaker boutique in Richmond, Virginia at the age of 19 with his two fri...

Holy Week In Philippines: Penitensya

In 1985 I was growing up in Angeles City, in the district of Pampanga, Philippines. One of my first memories was the Penitensya that took place in my neighborhood during Holy Week, which begins every year in April, around the same time I am writing this.

The Cuban Hip-Hop Scene with Professor Sujatha Fernamdes

Street-corner rap battles. Freestyling at underground house par- ties. Lyrical illumination of the hardships of the oppressed. These vignettes of early American hip-hop have crossed the border to set up shop all over the world.

Images from the Past: Samoa Culture

Courtesy of George Handy Bates Samoan Papers. University of Delaware Library, Newark, Del. In 1886, President Grover Cleveland made George Handy Bates a “special agent to investigate conditions in Samoa.” While studying the history and culture...