Evan Wood

Aesop Rock shot by Ben Colen

Aesop Rock Keeps Changing Perspectives

The Impossible Kid certainly is Aesop Rock's most accessible (or least cryptic, if you like) release to date, but that isn't to say he's slacking lyrically or otherwise.
Half & Half Tea BeauYoungPrince

FRANK Fridays: Half & Half Tea

"Half & Half Tea" is a cool-ass melodic vibe with some pretty familiar staccato hi-hat samples chopping up the synths.
Schoolboy Q

FRANK Fridays: Groovy Tony

As the sinister beat builds throughout this song’s marathon verses and non-existent chorus, Q’s voice turns more and more aggressive, climaxing just before it’s enveloped by distortion.
Arizona Primary election comp

Sketching the Arizona Primary Elections

Katy O'Connor showed up to vote in the Arizona Primary elections at 3:00 PM, sketchbook in hand. By that time, with the slow-moving line stretching around the block, she started sketching what she saw.