Emily Choi


The Art vs. Porn Conversation: Lindsay Dye

Embodying the camming issue entirely, we speak to Brooklyn-girl Lindsay Dye, M.A who has her PhD in Fine Arts, about disputing extortion from people online and reclaiming her own artistic integrity.
Gary Baseman

Gary Baseman: King of Fuck-Ups

Originál rudeboy Gary Baseman has created what are perhaps some of the most spellbinding, intimate drawings possible of LA’s Fairfax District, Gods of the Secret Society, and his cornucopia of mythical creatures.
Rainbow Flag

TransLuvvv: Gender Equality 4 All

Society is finally starting to address the struggle of transgender people to gain their civil rights and normalize gender identity on a global scale.

Good Morning Baltimore

There is a prominent double standard in the reactions for the riots in Baltimore that needs to be shed into the light