Emily Choi

Nude image Micky Greenfield


Although nudity is a key component in the de-sexualization of women’s bodies, it should be evident under what context it is introduced.
Chandler Kennedy

Under The Female Gaze With Chandler Kennedy

Though the west-coast native built up quite a portfolio as a successful commercial photographer in the big apple, Chandler has been juggling this with her other lifelong passion for intimate, self-portraits with women as her main muses.

Michigan, My Michigan

The state of Michigan has faced a lot of criticism over the past few weeks, as the ongoing toxic water crisis in Flint revealed a catastrophic environmental disaster with fatal consequences.

FRANK Fridays: Purple Reign

Though it's considered as a relatively weaker rendition of DS2, the 13-track mixtape is nothing short of greatness, as the rapper builds upon his trademark dark, unforgiving sound that he first introduced in Monster (2014).

FRANK Fridays: G.O.O.D. Fridays Are Back

Within hours, fans from across the broad have rejoiced in the return of West in his original form, as he invites us back into family business beneath all of the lights.

The Revolution will be Hashtagged

2015 saw no shortage of protest movements. From Boston to Portland to Syria, here are the causes that the world came out to support this year.