Your story is very captivating. It seemed you wanted to expose the industry but then it became a very introspective memoir. At which point did you feel that shift?
Well, honestly I didn’t write it in the order that it’s presented in, I never meant for it to be like a Super Head tell-all because there is not much to reveal. In all, I just wanted it to be an introspective memoir type thing like you said, I also at the same time wanted people to see inside the porn world because it seems like all the books written about porn are by porn stars who are retired and shunned that part of their lives. So I wanted show people it’s not that bad. I do think a lot of people get into porn for the wrong reasons, whether money or it will make them famous, I think this new crop of girls, this generation, are a different breed, we’re not victims of sexual abuse or any circumstances like that. We’re very sexual people and it’s the perfect job for us.

Besides the obvious, how is your experience baring all on camera to baring it all on the book?
It was definitely a lot harder. For me when I started porn I never had that moment where I was, “Okay I’m going to do it, here we go.” It just came naturally and I never felt exposed or shy in front of a camera, but when writing a book, I felt shy the entire time. I was constantly second guessing myself and writing things and being like, “No, no, no, that is too much.” Even when I was writing it, I told my husband, “Don’t ever look at me while I’m writing.” I just felt really shy. This is way more invasive to me. People reading the book is way more scarier than them looking at my vagina. If someone was to watch my porn and say, “I hate your tits.” I would be fine with that but if someone was to read the book and be like, “That shit is horrible,” I would cry.

I like how you intertwined things like haikus, letters, that kind of stuff. I think that is ballsier. At which point did you start that? Where you always writing haikus?
I wouldn’t say I write haikus, but I think they are very funny. I definitely…as far as poetry or anything like that goes, I think I definitely hide behind the funny aspects. If I were to write something really heartfelt, it would reveal too much.

What I appreciated and enjoyed most about Insatiable is your complete honesty; I know you mentioned you were kind of like, “Should I, should I not”? At what time were you just like, “Fuck it I’m just going to go all out?”
I definitely have a case of over sharing; even before the book…I’m a very TMI kind of person. There wasn’t a certain point in the book when I was writing it like, “Fuck it.” It was more of an everyday thing where I would go back and forth every day. By the time each chapter was finished I had said everything and obviously I’ve gone the route of just say everything.

Was there any journalistic approach, like were there things you had already written and kind of put together in the end?
I’m definitely a journal person, between journaling and my Twitter feed, surprisingly, those two things helped me because my memory is really shitty. Without those things there would be no way to remember anything to put in there; it really helps. You think you remember things but you actually don’t. When I go back and read the journals there is so much that I never would have remembered.

It’s a really good way to look at yourself objectively; it puts everything into perspective and you can look at your emotions from back then.

When Insatiable comes out, how do you think people who aren’t familiar with you perceive the book? How do you think your fans perceive it?
I don’t know if I think this gonna happen or I hope it’s gonna happen, but I hope that the people who don’t know who I am or don’t really know anything about the porn industry read it and become more accepting of the industry as a whole. I would really love for someone who is totally anti-porn to read it and be like, “Oh that’s cool, it’s actually not anything like I thought it was, they are just normal people too.” Then I’m also scared that my fans will read it and not ever want to jerk off to me again. I’m totally aware that being in porn objectifies me and people want to see me as a sexual object, and I’m totally cool with that, that’s what I signed up for, so I don’t mind that and I love when someone comes up to me and says, “Hey, I was just jerking off to you!” It means a lot to me, it turns me on, but I am scared that they will read it and feel too much of a connection to the personal me and be totally turned off. So I’m definitely scared of that, I hope it doesn’t happen.

Porn is what it is, and I’m cool with that, but I hope that enough people continue jerking off to me.

You’ve done radio, films, directed films, written a book, when will Asa Akira be satiable?
So far I’ve been insatiable, especially in porn. When I got into porn, I never thought that six years later I would still feel like I still wanted to do porn. I just wanted to get it out of my system and then I can move on with my life and I’ll never look back and wish I could have done porn when I could, but right now I am not ready to quit at all. I was talking to my friend the other day about if I won the lotto what would I do, and I would definitely still shoot porn.

I would start a porn company.
Yeah [laughs] For me porn is not a paycheck, I mean it’s a nice paycheck, but that’s not all it is. I feel really lucky that I love what I do. I want to write more, for sure. Directing is cool, but I’m not loving it the way that I thought I would; it’s not like performing and writing, like the second I sat down to write the book, I was obsessed; it was all I wanted to do. There were days where I wanted to do other shit but I just wanted to stay in and work on this, but directing has not done that for me. Right now, performing and writing is where it is all at.

What’s up next?
I want to write a second book. I don’t’ think it’ll be a memoir. I want to write fiction but it’s really hard. I find myself writing about things and by the time I’ve written an essay length thing about it, I’m sick of it; I can’t commit. That’s going to be my goal. I want to write fiction, cause that’s what I mainly read. It might take ten years, but my goal is to write fiction.