Last spring, I published a series of zines covering a range of topics regarding life in Chicago. They are limited to one hundred copies each and I’m down to the last remaining few.

The first, Fresh Garb, was a series of photographs that highlighted the clothing worn by Christians in the South and West sides of Chicago on Easter Sunday. Easter is essentially the first day of a new year in the Christian calendar. It is believed you are born again on Easter, and everything prior is washed away. A common practice on this holiday is to dress your best and greet the new beginning as fresh as possible.

King of Pop, was shot during two trips to Gary, Indiana. Every photograph was taken within walking distance of the house that the Jackson family grew up in. The city is as sad as the house. Gary was an old-time industrial town. Now that industry has moved elsewhere, the city and its residents are left to deal with the changing tide. The house serves as another reminder of what once was.

Tres de Mayo, the third zine, is a series of photographs taken in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, celebrating Cinco de Mayo. The parade happened to occur on the third of May this year, which is also the title of my favorite painting by Francisco Goya, Tres de mayo de 1808. These photographs focused on the cars in the parade and the people who operated them. These photographs are about self expression.

Art, especially photography, is inherently a self-serving practice. Photographers make pictures because they have a genuine interest in seeing what their curiosities look like. These are the things that I was curious about at the time.

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