How lucky are we? With such a variety of clothing options out there, we have so much to choose from: shirts from London, demin from Japan, and shoes from Paris. Our closets are fashion melting pots; designers from all over have taken their simple ideas and turned them into visions and collections.

Now, it’s no news that Asia is one of the leading continents when it comes to technology, food, and fashion. They’ve provided us with killer brands such as Kenzo, A Bathing Ape, and Commes de Garçon. And they’ve given us fashion icons such as Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, Humberto Leon, and Carol Lim. With that said, let’s take a quick trip—Korea anyone? You’re about to check out the Spring/Summer 2015 collection of five Korean brands that are killing it.

Kye SS15

1. KYE // Designer: Kathleen Kye

Push Button SS15

2. PUSH BUTTON // Designer: Park Seung Gun

Lucky Chouette SS15
3. LUCKY CHOUETTE // Designer: Jae Hyun Kim

Low Classic SS15

4. LOW CLASSIC // Designer: Yim Yeong Sin


5. KAAL E SUKTAE // Designer: Lee Suk Tae

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