ComplexCon is just around the corner and here at FRANK we don’t really care. The convention which separates itself from the other trade shows we’re used to is not a place where buyers and distributors can gain access to pre-season collections, rather, ComplexCon is a direct-to-consumer buying experience. This means all the biggest shopaholics (in debt and looking for a fix) will undoubtedly take their wagons to Long Beach, California and fall off there. Sounds messy. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few brands we’ll encourage our savage readers to check out.

Four Loko in collaboration with Pizzaslime is releasing a limited edition ‘badass and American-As-Fuck’ (their words) capsule collection that will launch exclusively at ComplexCon. The collaboration was shot by veteran FRANK contributor Kenneth Capello who is also known for his work with Supreme. The lookbook features Lil Mayo and Odd Future’s femme Sarah Parker.

ComplexCon attendees will obviously have the first exclusive look at the collection, which includes five tee designs, a long sleeve, a hoodie, a candle, and a sticker pack. The Four Loko x Pizzaslime booth—where you can admire the capsule in whole—will also feature art by Yung Jake, and a giant, life-size throne made of Four Loko cans created by @versace_tamagotchi.

Pizzaslime has been worn on countless celebrities with large Instagram followings like Diplo, Miley Cyrus, Khloe Kardashian, and Skrillex, and also holds Fuck Jerry on their list of previous collaborators (visit the RIP Taylor Swift shirt here). Pizzaslime is excited about the partnership with Four Loko since the beer-on-crack brand is ‘iconic to people [our] age and we represent a culture of fun and ridiculousness,” said the Pizzaslime founders. As for Four Loko, “We partnered with Pizzaslime because we wanted to find someone even more out there than us.”

Peep the lookbook below and the full collection (for purchase!) at ComplexCon in Long Beach this weekend.