Sometimes interviewing people who are looking to be interviewed is boring. Who cares about when your album drops, a woman might be president! And her opponent is a Satan reboot with skin discoloration! It seems like everything is exploding with new twists and turns and we want to know what you have to say about it. With Person of Interest we are looking for an individual take on what’s happening in the world.

This week we speak with Julian Davidson, a 31-year-old Los Angeles native and business professional at the forefront of redefining California’s cannabis industry.

Where do you live?

I just moved Downtown and am loving it.  I just sold my car and have started to bike as much as possible.

What do you do?

I am partner at a holding company that oversees and specializes in innovative cannabis related companies and projects. One of those companies is Spliffin, where I am the Director of Branding and Licensing.

Talk to us a bit about Spliffin, what’s the company and what’s on the horizon?

Spliffin launched in 2014 to meet the need for clean and consistent vape THC concentrates. At the time, very few companies were focused on both quality and potency. The future looks bright for Spliffin and some of our other exciting projects. Like many others in our industry, we are anticipating major shifts in policy on the state and local level. This is an exciting new era for companies doing things the right way. If all goes well, California will serve as model for other states to come online, giving patients all across the country access to quality products like ours.

Do you use social media to get your news?

Absolutely. Social media plays a big role in my personal and professional life. It is most often a resource for news, trends, and engagement, but it can be easy to lose an hour or two on my feed. Instagram and Snapchat are probably the two I use most these days.

What do you think about Instagram copying the Snapchat story feed feature?

I haven’t used it yet, but kudos to Zuckerberg on the power play. Replicating competitors isn’t a new tactic, it’s happened to Spliffin on several occasions.

Do you know who you are voting for in November?

Trump is trash. Go Hillary.

On a scale from “I love money” to “I’m renewing my passport,” how terrified are you that Trump might be our next president?

I’ve already renewed my passport.

What do you think is the foulest thing that Trump has said or done in this election so far?

It’s scary because I can’t pick just one. He’s built his campaign on hate and hostility, and is dividing our country on race and religion. Dude is the worst.

What’s your favorite Olympic sport to watch?

Every four years I get stoked for gymnastics, ping-pong, swimming, and track and field.  And for whatever reason my friends and I always feel like official judges during the diving events. But I truly am blown away by the talent and abilities of all of the Olympic athletes.

How obsessed are you with Simone Biles?

Yo, she is super adorable. That helicopter move is unreal. I ride with her heavy. #BlackGirlMagic

What do you think happened to cokehead Ryan Lochte in Brazil?

He shamed his teammates and our country. Dude is an embarrassment. Send him back to face the consequences.

Are you watching The Get Down [Editor Note: Terrible title.] or are you still trying to finish Stranger Things?

It kills me that I haven’t had a chance to watch either one of them yet. Everyone keeps talking about them so I’ll have to start binge watching soon.  I did recently get caught up on Game of Thrones… Jon Snow though!

A father in Omaha recently accidentally ate four weed brownies that belonged to his adult children. Have you ever had any disasters with edibles?

Edibles are no joke. I’ve had a few wild experiences myself, but I can’t imagine four at once. I feel bad for that poor man and whatever hallucinations he saw.