In the wake of the murder involving Jamar Clark, a mass shooting took place during a Black Lives Matter protest, where five demonstrators were wounded by three masked gunman in front of Minneapolis’ 4th precinct. The Black Lives Matter movement which has given modern ideology, identity, and unification for Black people in America has suffered another devastating blow. The recent shooting in Minneapolis has cross pollinated the deep seeding racial tensions and issues over gun control in America. Eye witness reports reveal that 24- year-old male Jamar Clark was found dead handcuffed with a bullet hole above his eye after two MPD officers responded to a North Minneapolis domestic dispute. NAACP released formal statement backed by eye witness accounts on Nov. 15th, which revealed the egregious and horrifying misconduct of the MPD and left the NAACP demanding justice.

Racism and gun violence are growing closer together, which is more evident now than ever. Remembering the Mike Browns and Jamar Clarks of America is preserved by the distance that police have created with the people they are suppose to protect and serve. This distance between police and citizens has given rise to the emergence of white supremacist groups to reflex their rights with freedom of speech and open carry laws. As a person of color, I have never feared hooded black men portrayed as criminals in the inner-city on the 9 o’clock news; I have only feared to actions of the police. Even in cases where I have been victimized by crime, my experiences of being confronted with police brutality still stand out more. Now more than ever, police officers are accountable for their actions via social media and the millions of people who have instant access to uploading photos and video to their respective cloud.

There is another level of complexity when disguising police shooting and attacks by masked vigilantes. On one hand, police are waging the same age-old war against minorities. On the other hand, these supremacist groups with conservative interests who want the right to bare arms are helping the political machine topple over individual rights and freedoms. The emergence of far right activist groups such as ‘Oath Keepers’ who flex their rights to bare arms and free speech have revealed their agenda to protect and preserve conservative and supremacist interests. These special interests produced by websites such as, are protected right on the front lines of the BLM protests. Wearing the fundamental rights of the constitution on their sleeve has allowed these special interest supremacist groups access to the world stage. This is a like a bad dream. Black people are shot and killed for the suspicion of possessing concealed weapons, yet when they react to this injustice they are faced with supremacist groups who flaunt high powered assault rifles openly in front of the whole world to preserve white privilege. These vigilantes who shot up a Black Lives Matter protest acknowledge and further the war police have waged on black people since slavery. Since, the shooting two suspects have been apprehended by the Minneapolis Police Department but their names will not be released until they are charged. As americans we need to acknowledge how our freedoms have crafted a cycle of oppression and murder that has no end in sight.

Updated for grammar and clarity 12/2